Cables and Maintenance

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See "Maintanance and Lubrication" intervals charts. Cable maintenance is primarily concerned with preventing deterioration and providing proper lubrication to allow the cable to move freely within its housing. Cable removal is straightforward and uncomplicated. Removal is not discussed within this section.

Cable routing is very important. For details of cable routing, see cable routing diagrams at end of this manual. Improperly routed or adjusted cables may make motorcycle operation unsafe.

1.  Remove the cable

2.  Inspect the cable for obstructed movement, kinking and/or frayed strands.Replace if damaged.

Cable Lubrication Steps:
• Hold the cable in a vertical position. 
• Apply lubricant to the uppermost end of the cable.
• Leave in a vertical position until the lubricant appears at the bottom.
• Allow excess to drain, then reinstall the cable.

Choice of lubricant depends upon conditions and preferences; however, a semi-drying chain and cable lubricant will perform adequately under most conditions.


1.  Remove:  the Phillips head screws from throttle housing assembly. Separate the housing halves.

2.  Disconnect the cable from throttle grip assembly.

3.  Remove the throttle grip assembly

4.  Clean all parts with  mild solvent.

5.  Inspect: 
• Contact surfaces
• Right-hand end of handlebar

 Deburr or replace.

6.  Lubricate all contact surfaces with a light coat of lithium-soap base grease and reassembly.

Tighten the housing screws evenly to maintain an even gap between housing halves.