Cam chain, Ignition timing and Air filter

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Cam chain adjustment

This model has been equipped with the automatic cam chain tensioner. No adjustment is necessary.

Ignition timing check

1. Ignition timing is checked with a timing light by observing the position of the stationary pointer and the marks stamped on the timing plate.

The timing plate is marked as follows:

.. Firing range for No. 1 (L.H.) cylinder

.. Top Dead Center for No. 1 (L.H.) and No. 4 (R.H.) cylinders

2.      Connect the timing light to No. 1 (L.H.) spark plug lead.

3.      Start the engine and keep the engine speed as specified. Use a tachometer to check the engine speed.

Specified engine speed: 1,050 r/min

4. The stationary pointer should be within the limits of "["]" on the timing plate. If it exceeds the limits or does not steady, check the timing plate for tightness and/ or ignition system for damage. (See "CHAPTER 6. ELECTRICAL)


Never bend the stationary pointer.

Air filter

1. Removal

a.    Remove the seat.

b.    Remove the left and right side covers.

c.    Remove the tool box.

d.    Lift and loosen the electric fitting housing box from the frame.

e.    Remove the air filter case cover by removing the four screws.

f. Pull out the element.

1. Air filter element

2. Cleaning method

Tap the element lightly to remove most of the dust and dirt; then blow out the remaining dirt with compressed air from the inner surface of the element. If element is damaged, replace it.

3.      Reassemble by reversing the removal procedure. Check whether the element is seated completely against the case.

4.      The air filter element should be cleaned at the specified intervals.


The engine should never be run without the air cleaner element installed; excessive piston and/or cylinder wear may result.

Idle mixture setting

The idle mixture is set at the factory by the use of special equipment. No attempt should be made by the dealer to change this adjustment