Fuel Petcock

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Fuel petcock cleaning

1.      Turn the fuel petcock lever to the "RES". Remove the fuel pipe from the fuel petcock.

2.      Remove the seat, the fuel tank clamp, and the fuel-tank-retainer plate.

3.      Lift the tank and remove the drain cover and clean it with solvent. If gasket is damaged, replace.

1. Drain cover

Fuel petcock disassembly

If the fuel petcock is leaking or excessively contaminated, it should be removed from the fuel tank and inspected.

1.      Remove the fuel tank and position it so that fuel will not spill when the cock is removed.

2.      Remove the petcock and inspect the filter screen. Replace the filter if seriously contaminated.

3.      Remove the screws on front and rear of the petcock and remove the plate, gaskets, lever, and diaphragm.

4.      Inspect all components and replace any that are damaged. If the diaphragm is in any way damaged, or the petcock body gasket surfaces scratched or corroded, the petcock assembly must be replaced. If there is abrasive damage to any component, the fuel tank must be drained and flushed.

5.      Reassemble the petcock and install it on the fuel tank.