The XJCD Website

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What is the XJCD website?

This is an outgrowth of the XJCD project. The aim is to provide critical repair information in a mobile-accessible format. To this end, the XJ Owner's Group has produced electronic repair manuals for the Yamaha XJ series of motorcycles. While these manuals are in the style of OEM factory repair manuals, it should be noted that Yamaha did not produce such a manual for many models, preferring to rely on supplements to other manuals. Our versions are machine-specific, generally more accurate than the originals and designed to be displayed on almost any device with internet access.

However, it is not the XJCD.

What is the XJCD?

Members Of the XJ Owners Group have donated their time, blood, sweat and sleep to produce a CD of "Everything XJ". This is a not-for-profit endeavour for private study and educational purposes. Access to these materials is restricted to members of the XJOG. Membership is free, the only restriction is that you should own or otherwise have interest in at least one of the XJ series motorcycles produced by Yamaha.

The XJCD currently includes:

Thousands of parts diagrams for 62 different XJ models

Over 1,000 photographs, magazine ads, sales brochures and articles.

The famous XJ model id code chart that ID's your bike by model code, serial number
block, country, etc.

Complete service and overhaul data for most XJ models:

All XJ550 and XJ550R Maxim and Seca
XJ600RL (Seca)
XJ600S (SecaII/Diversion)
All XJ650, XJ650R and XJ650L Maxim, Seca and Turbo Seca
All XJ700 Maxim
All XJ700 and XJ750 MaximX
All 750 and XJ750R Maxim and Seca (Including Police and Injection models)
XJ900R, XJ900F, XJ900N,(Seca)
XJ900S (Diversion)
1100 Maxim

*Computer troubleshooting, Turbo troubleshooting, and consolidated
Service Bulletins pertaining to the XJ series.

The biggest part of the project is XRef: The Yamaha XJ parts cross-reference.
Up to this point, the XJCD has been a static reference. The
cross-reference is a dynamic database with a Java interface allowing
the user to search a part number for a list of all bikes that use that
same part. It recognizes updated and superceded part numbers so it will
provide a listing of earlier or later models that use a compatible part
design. You will require the Java Runtime Environment
extensions, at least 1.4.2 to use this feature. (1.5 is included for
Windows and Linux/Unix users

Note that XRef only covers models sold in the US for the moment. Phase II of
this project will be to include models not sold in the US.

As always, we strive for cross-platform compatibility and understand that
this may be running on an ancient slow computer in your garage

Win9x/NT/ME/XP, Mac, Linux/Unix compatibility has been tested. As noted
below, XRef will not yet run on classic Mac OS. Windows 95 Rev. B is
compatible if long filename support is enabled.

Classic Mac OS users please note:
Unfortunately, Apple is not supporting Java past version 1.1 on their classic
operating systems like OS 8 and OS9, so XRef is not compatible with those
systems. We are working on development of a classic-Mac compatible version
and will release an update if we are successful.

Mac OSX users require no action – OSX comes with Java extensions built right in.

NOTE: The XJCD project is entirely the responsibility of the XJ-Owners Group and is in no way associated with or sponsored by the Yamaha Corporation.