700NC (Maxim)

Clutch Reassembly

 Clutch assembly

a. Install the thrust plate onto the transmission main axle.

1. Thrust plate

b. Install the oil pump drive sprocket onto the main axle without the spacer collar and place the oil pump drive chain on its sprocket.

Lower Crankcase Reassembly

1 a.   Install the shift cam and secure it with the guide pin. Install the stopper plate and bolt and tighten securely.

b.   Install the neutral switch. Torque to 2.0 m-kg (14 ft-lb).

c. Install the transmission drive axle assembly into the crankcase.

Upper Crankcase Reassembly


A. Important Information

1.    Gasket and seal

All gaskets and seals should be replaced when an engine is overhauled. All gasket surfaces and oil seal lips must be cleaned.

2.    Properly oil all mating engine and transmission parts and bearings during reassembly.

3.    Circlip

Middle Gear -- Inspection and Repair

P. Middle Gear

1. Damper disassembly


Disassembly of the middle gear damper requires the damper compressor (special tool) and a hydraulic press.

Transmission -- Inspection and Repair

L. Transmission

1. Inspect each shift fork for signs of galling on gear contact surfaces. Check for bending. Make sure each fork slides freely on its guide bar.

2.    Roll the guide bar across a surface place. If the bar is bent, replace.

Oil Pump and Clutch -- Inspection and Repair

J. Oil Pump

1. Check the clearance between housing and outer rotor.
Standard clearance B :
0.03 ~ 0.08 mm (0.0012 ~ 0.0031 in)

2. Check the clearance between outer rotor and inner rotor.
Standard clearance: 0.03 - 0.09 mm (0.001 - 0.003 in)

3 Check the rotor to housing clearance using a straight-edge.
Standard clearance: 0.03 - 0.08 mm (0.001 - 0.003 in)

Crankshaft, Con rods and Bearings -- Inspection and Repair

I. Crankshaft

1. Crankshaft run-out

Support the crankshaft at both ends on V-blocks. Measure the amount of crankshaft run-out on the main bearing journals with a dial gauge while rotating crankshaft.

Run-out limit: 0.030 mm (0.0012 in)

If run-out exceeds limit, replace crankshaft.

2. Inspection of bearings

Cylinder and Piston -- Inspection and Repair

. Cylinder

1.    Inspect the cylinder walls for scratches. If vertical scratches are evident, the cylinder wall should be rebored or the cylinder should be replaced.

2.   Measure cylinder wall wear as shown. If wear is excessive, compression pressure will decrease. Rebore the cylinder wall and replace the piston and piston rings. Cylinder wear should be measured at three depths with a cylinder bore gauge. (See illustration.)

Valve Springs and Lifters, Camshafts, Chain and Guides -- Inspection and Repair

D. Valve Spring and Lifters

1. Checking the valve springs

a.   This engine uses two springs of different sizes to prevent valve float or surging. The valve spring specifications show the basic value characteristics.

Cylinder Head and Valves -- Inspection & Repair


A.   Cylinder Head Cover

Place head cover on a surface plate. There should be no warpage. Correct by re-surfacing as follows:

Place #400 or #600 grit wet sandpaper on surface plate and re-surface head cover using a figure-eight sanding pattern. Rotate head cover several times to avoid removing too much material from one side.